The origin of Sic.SheeP was heavily influenced by the rock n roll scene, and accepting your distinct position in society. Our designs involve the style of retro band merchandise, and embracing the unique, underground style that comes with it!

No body is perfect, and we believe that is something that everybody should be proud of! Sic.SheeP want to give people the confidence they deserve in being unique. Whether it’s your taste of street wear, underground music, or style of design. We will help you find your voice and embrace your differences.

Quality, comfort and durability is the key to awesome apparel. The fabric chosen by us to embody and carry the Sic.SheeP designs has been chosen with some serious attention to detail and meets strict criteria. The Tee’s are 100% organic cotton and any polyester used in the hoodies is recycled for the sake of the circular economy.

The Quality of the print is also taken very seriously. All Sic.SheeP Brand Apparel and larger custom order’s are Hybrid Digital Screen Printed, This is the industry top standard method, The durability, look and feel of the print is absolutely awesome!

One off and small custom order’s are Laser Printed with the use of the latest Forever Transfer RIP technology where each design is individually rasterised depending on the style, colours, media etc. This takes us more time but we can achieve print that is softer to touch, more flexible, has better washability and has an overall great finish!

Sustainability and Ethics

At Sic.SheeP we believe that sustainability is a major key to producing quality clothing. Our fabrics hold multiple organic and sustainability certifications.